Group ascends of 3000ers

We propose several summits over 3000 m. You can choose between the "Petit Mont-Blanc" 4324 m, the "Aguille du Toula" 3538 m and the "Rutor" 3486 m and the "Petit Aguille Verte" 3508 m. Through these ascends you will discover together with your mountain guide that alpinism is not just 5th or 6th grade, but also simple hiking while watching the horizon, dreaming new goals, new ways, new experiences …

Duration: The overall duration of the ascend varies depending on the summits chosen.

Period: From May till October

Minimum level: Basic knowledge of the usage of ice tool and crampons.

Participants: groups of 4/5 persons


Contacts and informations

Montain Guides Society of
Gran Paradiso

Phone +39 0165 95304
Mobile +39 345 2106893