Adventure park Le Gordze du Terré

Open: May till November
Duration of the trail: 2 till 3 hours
Groups: 4-8 persons
Accompany of a guide: obligatory
Participation of children: from 8 years on (based on height)
Technical equipment: provided by the guide
Info and reservations: phone +39 345 2106893

At the steep banks  of the Savara torrent gorge , formed by the ancient glaciers and impetuous waters of the torrent, the Gran Paradiso Company of Alpine Guides  have created in collaboration with  the Valsavarenche community an actual  and appropriate Adventure Park in the canyon, which with its particularly technical characteristics  is indeed unique in Italy.

The course will be done in absolute safety thanks to the indispensible help of the Alpine Guides, who accompany groups of 4-8 persons in all athletic and natural adventures, which will take about 2-3 hours.
This is an experience, which unites the mavels of two different  worlds, canyoning and climbing, and  combined they form something truly extraordinary, an unique Adventure Park.
With the alpine equipment provided to the participants by the Alpine Guides, you move attached over the Savara torrent, in correlation of the narrows and wonderful rapids, which are formed close to the village Terré, and immerge entirely in one of the most spectacular sceneries of the Gran Paradiso National Park.

In this truly unique place it is possible to listen to the drone, impressive and compelling.  It comes from the water of the torrent, which flows from the glaciers carrying  away all  fears and leaving a sensation of inner calm and harmony with nature.


On the summit of Gran Paradiso!
We offer a fantastic adventure at high altitude!
Discover with us the Gran Paradiso.
With our Alpine Guides you will discover this fantastic mountain safetly.

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