Who might be interested
Everyone, adults and children from 6 years on.

Activity description
The snow shoes, once commonly used to move and work onto snowy terrain, are rediscovered again nowadays as a fun and athletic activity. They are an instrument, which allows you to move easily on fresh snow, cause they increase the loaded surface, and therefore also the “flotation”. Strapped onto the feet, they allow you to walk on the surface of the snow, offering a discreet way into the muffled world of winter.

Skills and training required
Like for  trekking, the Gran Paradiso National Park and the Aosta valley  in general offer such a variety of possibilities, which can meet the needs of the family with children, who search easy walks as well as the ones of outdoor enthusiasts, who seek long and challenging excursions. The skills and training required vary enormously in relation to the trails chosen.

Technical personal equipment
A pair of snowshoes and a pair of ski sticks (there exist the possibility to lend the necessary equipment). 


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