Icefalls and couloirs

Who might be interested
Everyone, adults and youth from 12 years on.

Activity description
When the cold of winter transforms the water to ice, blue lines of frozen waterfalls are created. These icefalls can be climbed with a special technique, the so called “Piolet-traction”. This steep ice technique  equals  sport-climbing on rock. The activity, born at the end of the 80s, allows for climbing on ice in the month of winter and gives the chance to venture into a world of fragile crystals in a spectacular and unique setting. This is the universe of the ice.

Skills and training required
PFor the easier icefalls (like the Lillaz waterfall) no special skills or training is requested. For the more complex icefalls however (Patry waterfall, Lillaz Gully, Flash Estivo) , basic  climbing skills, a solid knowledge of the handling of the equipment as well as a good physical preparation is highly recommended. Icefalls graded WI5, WI6 and higher are reserved for the experts, who are physically and mentally prepared to venture on hard ice, to test themselves at technical difficulties in an extraordinary environment.

Personal gear required
Mountaineering boots, harness, helmet, crampons (classical or ice), 2 technical ice axes, eventual ski sticks, skies or snowshoes for the approach (if necessary).

• Introduction into ice climbing
• Ice climbing on frozen waterfalls
- Lillaz icefall
- Patri icefall
- Sentiero dei Troll icefall
• Ice climbing course
• Couloirs in the mountains


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